Aims and Scope



The International Journal of Tourism and Spirituality (IJTS) is an open access journal which aims to be the leading international journal for the study of tourism within the dimension of spirituality. It aims to provide a critical understanding of spiritual perceptions and insights associated with any kind of tourism. It also seeks to provide an international forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas through the publication of critical, theoretically informed articles as well as relevant case studies from around the globe. It is intended that the journal will be of particular interest to those studying the spiritual aspects of tourism with an interdisciplinary approach.



IJTCS covers the following topics and areas:

  • cultural aspects of tourism
  • cultural and spiritual motivations
  • tourism and mystical issues
  • Tourism and Ethical values
  • spiritual perceptions and experiences in tourism
  • philosophical issues in tourism with emphasizing on cultural and spiritual concepts
  • meaning and related issues in tourism
  • tourism and spiritual growth
  • religious tourism and pilgrimage