Document Type : Case Studies


Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria


Recreation centres worldwide serve as prominent attractions, offering visitors opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Within the continuously growing hospitality industry, there is significant potential for international investment and foreign exchange. This study delves into the cultural significance of Gurara Waterfalls by evaluating stakeholder feedback. Employing a quantitative research method, the study utilized a virtual survey to gather data from 170 inhabitants of the Minna-Abuja environs. The primary focus of the questionnaire was to unravel the intricate tapestry of visitors' experiences at Gurara Waterfalls. Through a meticulous analysis of prevalent issues, captivating features, and overall emotional responses, the aim was to investigate the untapped potentials of cultural tourism embedded in this natural wonder. The practical implications of user perceptions on Gurara Waterfall and its surrounding facilities are presented. The findings from this research provide valuable insights into the cultural connections surrounding Gurara Waterfalls, shedding light on opportunities for enhancing the visitor experience and unlocking the latent cultural tourism prospects associated with this captivating natural site. As a recommendation, further research should explore creative and innovative structures for Gurara Waterfalls and other Nigerian tourist destinations, aiming to create, sustain and increase cultural tourist interest and overall visitor satisfaction.