Spirituality: A Way to Realise Sustainable Tourism


Volume 3, Issue 2 , March 2019, Pages 9-18


  When deliberating on the spiritual dimension of tourism, one key question is that how individuals are seeking for their life meaning and experiences of divine existence, as well as their connectedness as subjectively lived during their travel.  In fact, tourism is closely connected to religion which ...  Read More

Future Study of Spiritual Tourism based on Cross Impact Matrix and Soft Systems Methodology

Mohammad Reza Fathi; Mohammad Hasan Maleki; Can Deniz KOKSAL; Nedim Yuzbaşıoğlu; Vahid Ahmadi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , March 2019, Pages 19-41


  The main purpose of this study is identifying influential factors on the future of spiritual tourism and formulation of plausible scenario for it. From philosophical point of view, this paper is pragmatic, exploratory from target’s point of view and it’s practical. It’s a survey research ...  Read More

Spiritual understanding and experience in the creative tourism of gastronomy

Mehrnoosh Bastenegar; Ali Hassani

Volume 3, Issue 2 , March 2019, Pages 43-67


  By producing the paradigm of creative tourism, the knowledge increasing discipline of tourism invites tourists to visit and interact with the unique and live culture of societies instead of just sightseeing in museums and ancient monuments. In this paradigm, tourists engage all of their senses in the ...  Read More

Measurement of Relationship between Factors Affecting the Demand of Spiritual Tourism in Tehran Using Fuzzy Technique

Mehdi Karoubi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , March 2019, Pages 69-84


   Today, sustainable development of tourism as a strategy for the development of cities, especially remote cities is a relatively new idea that its importance has been realized by policymakers. This type of tourism can be considered as a source of income, creating jobs, and making positive changes ...  Read More

A Methodology Study of the Concept of Spirituality in Tourism According to Fuzzy Logic

Kamal sorayyaArdakani; Fahimeh Soleimanabadi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , March 2019, Pages 85-105


  Studying the concept of spirituality in tourism is neithera newapproach nor a study of a particular kind of tourism or simply a religious perspective to tourism. Rather, it is an indicator of spiritual contents that today’s tourism is submerged into discover and attain non-material values and the ...  Read More

Studying Status of Leisure Times and Tourism in Quran and Hadiths with emphasis on Spirituality

Reza Aghapour; Seyed Ali Akbar Rabi Nattaj; Seyed Mohsen Mousavi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , March 2019, Pages 106-118


  Human beings are constantly active to live their everyday life. They spend long hours of their life on working and activity in closed and confined environments. That along with urbanization, mental and psychological traumas and physical harms has led some to think about leisure time and its significance ...  Read More