The Impact of Spirituality and Ethical Values on Tour Operator’s Performance: The Role of Empathy and Commitment

Fatemeh Yavarigohar; Fereshteh Mansourimoayyed; Mehdi Karoubi

Volume 4, Issue 2 , February 2020, Pages 125-148

  Today, we confront forces bringing spiritual and ethical values into business which have together has a meaningful concept for each business. Nowadays, the growing attention to ethical issues in workplaces has caused the organizations tend to set ethical codes. However, the results of recent studies ...  Read More

Tourism and Escaping Quotidian Interactions; A Philosophical Analysis Based on the Islamic Mystical Vision of Human Nature

Mohammad Rasool Imani Khoshkhoo

Volume 4, Issue 2 , February 2020, Pages 149-163

  Recreation and entertainment are among the major objectives and intentions of tourism. The reasons put forward by tourists include escaping quotidian life and social interactions. Relying on the Muslim mystics’ view of the real nature of human being, this article offers an analysis of escaping ...  Read More

Brand Image of Mystical Spiritual Tours and Tourists’ Satisfaction and Quality of Life

Yazdan shirmohammadi; Parisa Abyaran

Volume 4, Issue 2 , February 2020, Pages 165-195

  This article examines how contemporary tourists visiting the mystical destinations perceive the different aspects of the mystical tours. In other words, this article attempts to investigate the role of mystical journeys and spiritual tours in improvement of tourists’ satisfaction and quality of ...  Read More

Foreign Cultural Tourists' Spiritual Perception Factors from Travel to Isfahan

Mohammad Hossein Imani Khoshkhoo; Richard Sharpley; Mahdieh shahrabi farahani

Volume 4, Issue 2 , February 2020, Pages 197-218

  Human beings take a step in the path of discovery and searching the universe. Meanwhile, travel is one of the means of searching wisdom and experience for communicating with the land, nature and the world’s creator, as well as finding meaning and concept of life. Therefore, humans understand travel ...  Read More

Cultural Diversity Management and Organizational Outcome in Tourism Businesses Workplace: Spirituality as a mediator

Afsaneh Pourjam

Volume 4, Issue 2 , February 2020, Pages 219-235

  While categorization of human beings into various subgroups in terms of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality and alike is not a new phenomenon but such a diversity in communities all around the world has drawn much attention to the issue in recent years due to the increasing importance ...  Read More

The Potential Retreat of a New Normal Tourism in Bali

I Gede Sutarya

Volume 4, Issue 2 , February 2020, Pages 237-251

  Bali tourism decrease in growth since March 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Irrespective of the decrease in growth, retreat tourism products still survive with a few numbers of tourist. This resilience occurs because it is categorized as a small-scale business. The facts led to explore the potential ...  Read More