Faculty Member Of Department of Tourism and Hospitality of Allame Tabataba'i University


Today, sustainable development of tourism as a strategy for the development of cities, especially remote cities is a relatively new idea that its importance has been realized by policymakers. This type of tourism can be considered as a source of income, creating jobs, and making positive changes in the income of cities. In tourism studies, there are also discussions about spiritual tourism. However, most scholars do not consider spiritual tourism as realtourism because it is like an umbrella that can include various types of tourism that leads to a transcendental sense and sacred values such as ‘Spiritual city tourism’.Then, using laboratory techniques of test and evaluation of fuzzy DEMATEL decision making, as one of the appropriate decision-making techniques that deal with systematic relations between variables, relations among factors influencing the development of Spiritual city tourism in Tehran are studied and modeled. The results of the fuzzy DEMATEL method showed that factors affecting the development of Spiritualcity tourism include Appropriate planning and management, Direct supervision of the government and institutions on those active in the field of tourism, Presence of experts fluent in live languages of the world beside tourism attractions, Attracting foreign investment for the development of Spiritual city tourism activities with contracts and special facilities, Marketing, advertising, and introducing tourism attractions in national and international areas, Culturalization of tourism development and promotion of tourist acceptance culture among city residents.


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