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Assistant Professor, Faculty of Tourism, University of Science and Culture, Tehran, Iran


Tourism covers all the visitor's activity from the beginning to the end of the trip. It is a journey made for business, experience, relaxation, pleasure and learning. This trip can be rooted in the beliefs and culture of the tourist and based his values. In this case, tourism activities can change the worldview by increasing the tourist's knowledege of visiting nature and heritage. According to most psychologists, not paying attention to mental needs endangers the physical health of community members. Strengthening the positive spiritual dimensions by traveling to religious and pilgrimage sites can mainly meet these significant human needs. The present research is based on descriptive study and library documents. The purpose is to describe the relationship between tourism, religion and spirituality. The results of this study show tourism could be based on the divine worldview. It can also be associated with spirituality and the acquisition of morality and lessons. Based on this, it can be said that tourism activity is based on spirituality.