1 Ph.D. in Art Research, Sama Boys Primary School, Education Department, Bandar Abbas, Iran

2 Education Department, Bandar Abbas, Iran


Hormozgan located in the south of Iran with an anchorage background after the Volga River in the north of the country was an important gateway for Asian and European overseas merchants as well as importing goods into Iran. Bandar Abbas is the center of Hormozgan Province and one of metropolises of Iran which is also considered the economic pole of Iran. This city is also considered as a tourist destination in Iran because of its tourist attractions. In this research, a comparative study has been made between the Shrine of Seyyed Mozaffar and the Hindu Temple in Bandar Abbas with a new perspective. This research seeks to answer the question of what are the similarities and differences between these two monuments and what has highlighted these similarities and differences. Therefore, these two monuments are studied and compared in terms of indicators such as architecture, building materials and building plan.


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