Brand Image of Mystical Spiritual Tours and Tourists’ Satisfaction and Quality of Life

Yazdan shirmohammadi; Parisa Abyaran

Volume 4, Issue 2 , February 2020, , Pages 165-195

  This article examines how contemporary tourists visiting the mystical destinations perceive the different aspects of the mystical tours. In other words, this article attempts to investigate the role of mystical journeys and spiritual tours in improvement of tourists’ satisfaction and quality of ...  Read More

The Eye of Insight and Spiritual Tourism in Islamic Mysticism and Eastern Philosophy

Mohammad Rasool Imani Khoshkhoo

Volume 2, Issue 1 , June 2017, , Pages 40-60

  Religious tourism is a kind of tourism that nowadays is defined by the elements of the spiritual motivation of the tourists rather than the destination of this tourism. This paper aims to introduce The Eye of Insight Islamic mysticism and Third Eye in the philosophy of the East and to investigate the ...  Read More

The role of emotional intelligence of service providers in the travel process: With an emphasis on sustainable tourism and human spiritual needs (Case study: Tour service providers in Iran)

Mahnaz Doosti-Irani; Nader Jafari Haftkhani

Volume 5, Issue 2 , March 2022, , Pages 51-72

  The present study tries to analyze the role of emotional intelligence of service providers in the trip process (before, during, and after) with a different view of sustainable tourism (from the perspective of tourist satisfaction) and emphasis on the human spiritual needs, to pave the way for further ...  Read More

The Spirituality in Tourism by Eastern Philosophy and Ethical Codes

Mohammad Hossein Imani Khoshkhoo; Hamed Fallah Tafti; Jamileh Ghasemloi Soltanabad

Volume 5, Issue 1 , August 2021, , Pages 59-76

  Nowadays, when excessive attention to the material issues and the homogeneity of societies does not meet the rebellious and human spirit, and amid successive runs, it seems that man is looking for a destination other than bread and shelter, a higher excuse to survive. The need to discover the truth and ...  Read More

The Effect of Spiritual Experience During The Covid-19 Virus Pandemic On Tourists' Behavioral Goals Through Attitudes of Mental Norms and Risk (Case Study: Shiraz)

Yazdan Shirmohammadi; Amin Ghanbari

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2023, , Pages 61-89

  This study is a structural equation modeling study. It has investigated the effect of literary tourism during the Covid-19 virus pandemic on tourists' behavioral goals through the attitude of mental norms. The present study is a one-section survey. The statistical population of this study includes all ...  Read More

Components of Spirituality in Creative Tourism

Ali Hasani; Mehrnoosh Bastenegar

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2016, , Pages 67-90

  Spirituality is a universal and human phenomenon which is not restricted to any religions or religious groups. In fact, spiritual experiences are thought of as special human experiences which give meaning to life. Such enlightening experiences make man connect to a higher being. Therefore, spiritual ...  Read More

Measurement of Relationship between Factors Affecting the Demand of Spiritual Tourism in Tehran Using Fuzzy Technique

Mehdi Karoubi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , March 2019, , Pages 69-84

   Today, sustainable development of tourism as a strategy for the development of cities, especially remote cities is a relatively new idea that its importance has been realized by policymakers. This type of tourism can be considered as a source of income, creating jobs, and making positive changes ...  Read More

Tourist Perception of Waqf as Spiritual heritage in Iran

Manoochehr Jahanian; sahar movahedi

Volume 4, Issue 1 , October 2019, , Pages 77-91

  As a symbol of the Islamic spiritual economy, Waqf has been always present and alive in all aspects of the Islamic countries, and it has attracted the attentions of many researchers of different fields due to its multidimensional functional. Based on their desire for eternity, they defined Waqf in terms ...  Read More

The Pivotal Spirituality Approach to Tourism (A New Revolution in Consolidating Peace and Friendship from the Local to the Global Scale)

mostafa mazaheri

Volume 3, Issue 1 , September 2018, , Pages 83-103

  One of the ways to consolidate peace and friendship despite the remarkable progress of humanity, is tourism and spirituality. Tourism can change the tourists’ worldview and attitude by increasing their knowledge from visiting the landscapes of nature, geographical locations and legacy of the ancients, ...  Read More

Foreign Cultural Tourists' Spiritual Perception Factors from Travel to Isfahan

Mohammad Hossein Imani Khoshkhoo; Richard Sharpley; Mahdieh shahrabi farahani

Volume 4, Issue 2 , February 2020, , Pages 197-218

  Human beings take a step in the path of discovery and searching the universe. Meanwhile, travel is one of the means of searching wisdom and experience for communicating with the land, nature and the world’s creator, as well as finding meaning and concept of life. Therefore, humans understand travel ...  Read More

Tourism: a Tool for Spirituality Development Hamid

Hamid Zargham Boroujeny

Volume 2, Issue 1 , June 2017, , Pages 62-72

  Tourism development is considered an important tool in promoting economic growth, alleviating poverty, and advancing spirituality development. This paper aims to review the relationship between tourism and spirituality and to explain how tourism development could contribute to spirituality development ...  Read More

Muslim Friendly Services in Muslim and Non-Muslim Destinations: Benchmarking

Saniya Abdrakhmanova; Sedigheh Moghavvemi

Volume 5, Issue 2 , March 2022, , Pages 73-87

  The number of traveling Muslims has increased substantially, and demands for Islamic facilities and services that adhere to their religious practices are growing exponentially. This creates business opportunities for service providers in Muslim and non-Muslim countries alike. Propelled by the growth ...  Read More

The Role of Religious Tourism and Empirical Marketing in the Development of Entrepreneurial Sports Opportunities in Mashhad

Ahmad Mahmoudi; Mohammad Hosein Ghorbani; Bahador Azizi; Saman Mehri; Hosein Bahador

Volume 5, Issue 1 , August 2021, , Pages 77-102

  This study investigates the role of religious tourism and experimental marketing in developing entrepreneurial sports opportunities in Mashhad. As the first step, the study's statistical population consisted of all tourists in Mashhad who have been there for at least one week for religious tourism and ...  Read More

A Methodology Study of the Concept of Spirituality in Tourism According to Fuzzy Logic

Kamal sorayyaArdakani; Fahimeh Soleimanabadi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , March 2019, , Pages 85-105

  Studying the concept of spirituality in tourism is neithera newapproach nor a study of a particular kind of tourism or simply a religious perspective to tourism. Rather, it is an indicator of spiritual contents that today’s tourism is submerged into discover and attain non-material values and the ...  Read More

Landscape Tourism, Expression of Meaning of Place Understanding

Seyed Amir Mansoori

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2016, , Pages 91-99

  Place is major element of tourism activity, and therefore most tourism programs are based on that criterion. One of the main goals of tourism planning and management is assisting tourists in order to achieve deep understanding of a destination. In this regard, the way in which Place is being studied ...  Read More

Identifying the Dimensions of Pilgrims' Experience (The Case of Arba'een Pilgrims)

Mostafa Esmaeili Mahyari; Mohammad Ghaffari; vahid Noormandi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2023, , Pages 91-110

  Most existing research on pilgrims and religious tourists has focused on their motivation, with limited attention to their actual experiences. This knowledge gap is particularly apparent in the Islamic context, where understanding the experiences of pilgrims and religious tourists is crucial for predicting ...  Read More

Strategic Planning of Tourism with an emphasis on Spirituality Based on New Integration of Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Techniques

Mohammad Reza Fathi; Mohammad Hasan Maleki; Mohammadreza Boroomand; Can Deniz Koksal

Volume 4, Issue 1 , October 2019, , Pages 93-123

  The purpose of the present study is to identify and prioritize spiritual-based tourism strategies in Qom province. The present study is interpretive from the philosophical foundations point of view and is applied from the point of view of orientation. It is also a survey in terms of data collection and ...  Read More

Analyzing the Relationship between Tourism and Spirituality: Toward a Framework

Abdoreza Roknodin Eftekhari; Manoochehr Jahanian; farzaneh khooshebast; Elham Vahedi

Volume 3, Issue 1 , September 2018, , Pages 104-121

  Search for and gaining the meaning in life and attaining the perfection had been the primordial motive of human creation. The main reason for manifesting vacuum feelings in human is the crisis of lack of spirituality. Nowadays, human beings are seeking to mean of life and are searching for something ...  Read More

Cultural Diversity Management and Organizational Outcome in Tourism Businesses Workplace: Spirituality as a mediator

Afsaneh Pourjam

Volume 4, Issue 2 , February 2020, , Pages 219-235

  While categorization of human beings into various subgroups in terms of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality and alike is not a new phenomenon but such a diversity in communities all around the world has drawn much attention to the issue in recent years due to the increasing importance ...  Read More

The Role of Paradigmatic Approach in Conceptualizing Interdisciplinary Studies on Spiritual Tourism

Mahdi Ebrahimi; Fatemeh Saberian

Volume 2, Issue 1 , June 2017, , Pages 73-88

  Comprehensive and reliable conceptual definition of concepts can be considered as the first step toward managing the phenomena based on those concepts. Spiritual tourism is a multidimensional phenomenon with different mixed concepts such as spiritual experience, spiritual tourist, achieving spirituality ...  Read More

Presenting a Model for Development of Religious Tourism in Mazandaran Province (Case study: Sari city)

Mona Sadat; Mohammad Hossein Imani Khoshkhoo

Volume 5, Issue 2 , March 2022, , Pages 89-102

  Religious tourism is one of the world's most critical current types of tourism, especially in Islamic countries such as Iran, which has a high potential for development and progress in this field. However, the development of this type of tourism in our country is not restricted to only religious cities ...  Read More

Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Presenting Authentic Experiences through Spiritual Tourism Development

Teimour Marjani; Afsaneh Pourjam

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2016, , Pages 100-115

  Although today it is common to categorize spiritual tourism separately as a type of tourism, spirituality can be found at the heart of any travel. What might be taken as granted is that the tourist is going to add something to his/her self and, in this respect, some degree of spirituality can be sought ...  Read More

Analytical-descriptive Study of the Role of Art and Architecture in Strengthening the Spiritual Dimensions of Tourism with Emphasis on Aesthetic Elements (Case study: Seven examples of historical and religious buildings in Qazvin)

Rezvaneh Taherkhani; Zahra Hoseinnezhad; Ahmad Radmanmehr

Volume 5, Issue 1 , August 2021, , Pages 103-131

  Spirituality is an inner and natural concept and a truth in the heart of the universe that human beings can achieve in the context of travel and tourism, as well as in the path of movement and communication with society, the universe, and God. The revival of high values ​​and indicators aims to create ...  Read More

Studying Status of Leisure Times and Tourism in Quran and Hadiths with emphasis on Spirituality

Reza Aghapour; Seyed Ali Akbar Rabi Nattaj; Seyed Mohsen Mousavi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , March 2019, , Pages 106-118

  Human beings are constantly active to live their everyday life. They spend long hours of their life on working and activity in closed and confined environments. That along with urbanization, mental and psychological traumas and physical harms has led some to think about leisure time and its significance ...  Read More

The Effect of Nostalgia on the Pull Motivation of Tourist Destinations, Amazing Behavior and Loyalty Among Tourists (Case Study: Kashan Rosewater Cultural Festival, Iran)

Abolfazl Khosravi; Mohammad Reza Fathi; Fatemeh Yazdani; Somayeh Razi Moheb Seraj; Ali Younessi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2023, , Pages 111-129

  Nowadays, customer satisfaction is regarded as a strategic and influential factor for the success of various businesses. On the other hand, tourism, the world's largest and most diverse industry, is also a significant source of income and job creation for many countries. Therefore, the present study ...  Read More